Welcome to the Bit Towny Server website. Here you can learn a little more information about the server, respond to or create forum post, and purchase ranks or other items. Bit Towny Server is owned by 2 players known as Tman2001hi and Nikolas.  The server has been in planning and progress for a while before its opening to additional players, we have deeply researched, gotten deep within the codes, and changed every number and word possible to be sure the server was built on a great economy and had a strong structure beneath it. We have deeply took the time to ensure players would have a fun time on the server and also built up donation ranks that would CERTAINLY be no pay to win. Our goal is to create a server balanced and fair for all players and leave no chance of courruptivity. All staff within the server have been and are closely watched to ensure all players have fair and no abusive moments. Here on Bit Towny Server we strive to please the player and ensure all standards are met to what classifies as a nice server. We hope to see you on and hope you enjoy your time here on Bit Towny Server